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Pro8mm is a one-stop venue for Super 8 and 16mm production work and scanning of legacy footage of Super 8 and 16mm. We offer sales , rental and service of several models of Canon and Beaulieu Super 8 cameras; on site tech support; custom camera modifications , including Max 8 (16:9 widescreen) and crystal sync mods; in house film processing, including same day rush process and transfer services; extensive line of Super 8 film stocks , including Kodak stocks repackaged to include our (10 year consecutive award winning) prepaid processing. Log Data Scanning on a state of the art machine up to 5K, digital delivery of up to 20 gigs per job. Davinci Resolve Color Correction . We have scanned millions of feet of super 8, regular , 16mm and 35mm film for production work and legacy archival footage for all the major production companies, studios, and of the worlds most famous faces. All our work is done in house and on sight in order to insure the very highest quality control for your production or archive.

We love "NEWBIES" ! Check out our books,YOUTUBE tutorials, workshops and bootcamps ,designed especially for those new to film! Super 8 is a great place to start!

We have been in the industry since 1970.

Pro8mm - Cine Gear Expo 2010
Added on 6/14/2010
An overview with Rhonda Vigeant on Pro8mm's program "Do A Shot with Pro8mm" which gives people a chance to shoot on super 8mm film.

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