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$25/second and less for STOCK FOOTAGE clips (4K,HD and SD) from the library of New & Unique Videos. FREE immediate research! Call NOW 619-644-3000 (24/7). Contemporary and archival images from around the world, including animals, people and more shot from1950s in 16mm film to the present in 4K. If we don''t have it in stock, we'll find or shoot it for you. Camera and Sound CREWS with the newest 4k to HD Camera systems available 24/7 also !

Cultural, scenic, wildlife, sports, bloopers, adventure, military, industrial, agricultural, scenic, archival film and video, aerial, underwater and more. Clients include Tonight Show, Dreamworks, Disney, Paramount, Berlex, U.S. Postal Service and many more. Available on all formats, including NEW 4K,HD (High Definition), Betacam SP, digital and 16mm film. Custom time-coded demo reels available or online when you call us NOW !. One-day turn-around is available for rush projects.

New & Unique Videos also produces and distributes award-winning special-interest educational videos and DVDs on sports and exercise such as John Howard's Lessons in Cycling, Steppin' Out, Ultimate Mountain Biking and more.
CALL NOW ! 619-644-3000

We have been in the industry since 1981.


Added on 3/26/2007

New & Unique Videos Stock Footage

Stock footage of people, places, and things from around the world.HD through SD .FREE research and $25 a second or less for all rights. Call 619-644-3000

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New & Unique Videos Stock Footage
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The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans
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2011 San Diego Unity Award
Video Logo 03:19
Crystal Pyramid Productions Demo Reel 2011
Video Logo 00:53
Original Video Helmet Camera in Action
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Save Mission Trails! Stop the Santee Power Plant!
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Crystal Pyramid Productions Demo Reel 2012
Video Logo 03:03
Demo/Splash reel
The Tonight Show
Real TV
"World's Craziest Drivers"
"When Animals Attack"
Dreamwork - "Anchorman"
Barton Media Associates
U.S. Postal Service
Cutright Communications
Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
Inside Edition
E! Entertainment
Dr. Phil
Proctor & Gamble
History Channel
Animal Planet
The American Red Cross
Jack Morton Worldwide
ABC Television
Fox Sports TV
Sony FS7 4K camera with many lenses,etc.
Many HD camera systems with crew and more 24/7...
619-644-3000 Mark Schulze
17 " Teleprompter system, 20' x 12 ' Green screen, Studio, etc.
2006 & 2005 Communicator Awards
Multiple Telly Awards - Silver & Bronze (1990 - present)
CINDY Awards & ITVA Medallion Awards
New York Film & Video Festival Award
Houston Film & Video Festival Award, Aegis Award, Aurora Awards
2002, 1999, 1998 - Top 100 Producers Award
2010 - Special Selection at Fallbrook Film Festival - "The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans"
2010 - Special Selection at Riverside Film Festival - "The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans"
2010 - Golden Reel Award - "The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans"
Media Communications Association International
San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau
San Diego East Visitors Bureau
San Diego Chamber of Commerce
SD Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Certified