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Michael Pellegatti operates a full service video production company with over 25 years experience in network, sports, documentary, interviews, and corporate productions for local, national, and international. Clients have included ESPN, NBC, ABC, PBS, and Producers for the Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel Canada, Starz Encore, TNN, Western Channel, Outdoor Channel, Sportsmans Channel, and syndication.
His HD and SD wildlife and scenery footage has been used in programs which have aired on TNN, Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Disney Channel, and PBS. Other markets have included wildlife videos for sale, such as Stouffer Productions, CD-ROM projects, Corporate videos, Government videos, television shows, and advertising.

We have been in the industry since 1989.

Death of a Forest
Added on 1/9/2011
“Big Sky country, with its mountain wildflowers, crystal- clear trout waters, forested hills, and alpine wildlife pastures is turning red. While much of the planet mops up from frequent storms and too much water, over the past few years the Rockies of North America are being invaded by warm winter-loving, tree killing mountain pine beetles. Millions of acres of trees have succumbed to this tiny but destructive insect and we don’t know if the dead forest landscape will ever regain its postcard beauty. Without cold winters, the beetles will continue their path of destruction. In addition, we are losing forests that otherwise provide a carbon sink for our production of greenhouse gases and in their death throes, they actually release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Death Of A Forest documents a new reality for the high country, and all its citizens. This film was a Finalist at the prestigious Jackson Hole Film Festival which hosted the United Nations 'Year of the Forest' film festival.

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