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The vast majority of our work is from repeat business and their referrals: evidence of our satisfied customers for video production and web marketing work in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond...

Our list of satisfied clients and our numerous testimonials attest to our continued success in bringing value to our customers. When customers are exposed to our service and our abilities, they come back time and time again. In fact, many have hired us as they've moved on to other positions and other employers.

An independent survey conducted among our customers indicates a 100% satisfaction rate with our services: all would either use us again or recommend us.

Established in 1981 by Jim Penrose, we bring our decades of experience to help businesses and organizations meet their communications goals. Jim earned his B.A. in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as his MBA from the prestigious Haas School of Business on the Berkeley campus. After years working in industry, he brought his business knowledge and experience to what was then a fledgling industry. Through the years, we've adapted to new technologies and techniques and have a track record of over 30 years providing satisfaction to a wide variety of clients.

They key? We work with you to design and create a production you will be happy with -- GUARANTEED! We've won numerous national awards. We'd be delighted to let you browse the many samples of our videos here.

We have literally traveled worldwide for our clients, who keep coming back time and again, and referring us. In fact, when asked by an independent auditing service "If you need the services of a video production company in the future, would you call or recommend Penrose Productions?" 100% of our clients surveyed said "YES!"

Penrose Productions has been serving the video and communications needs of companies and organizations in Northern California and throughout the world. Based the entire time in the South Bay Area, we work in all areas of video production.

With 30+ years of experience, an award winning track record, and a full-refund guarantee, we're ready for any job, big or small.

We have been in the industry since 1981.

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