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Namibia is fast becoming Africa’s most popular film destination with its unique and mysterious landscapes. We boast the world’s oldest desert, highest sand dunes, untouched beaches, rugged mountain terrains, deep canyons, savannah, cosmopolitan cities, rural villages & ghost towns.…. to name but a few.
Besides the unexposed locations we have to offer, Namib Film also supplies the following first class production service:
• Location scouting
• Payroll, accounting, VAT reconciliation and reclaim services
• Insurance
• Filming permission and work visas
• Production office and warehouse space.
• Set construction, props, fabrication, wardrobe, etc.
• Crewing
• Equipment supply & Aviation requirements
• Vehicle rental
• Location Management & unit support
• Accommodation
• Catering
• Local Casting
• Animals & wranglers
• Location rehabilitation (MET approved), etc.

It has been proved time & time again that Namib Film live up to their slogan “Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge”. To quote John Moore(Director of “Flight of the Phoenix”). ”I cannot speak highly enough of Namib Film; they are the real deal and no one can touch them in that part of the globe”.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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