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Hollywood, Florida


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Through his company, Jolly Roger Images, Inc., DP Roger Prehoda has been providing Broadcast quality video production services since 1993. Featuring the SONY F5 Digital Cinema camera, Sony F800 XDCAM, Lumix GH4 4K camera on MOVI M5 Gimbal, and FCPX post-production, we can take your project from start to finish in stunning High Defintion.

ENG/EFP Camera Crews 4K, 2K and HD.

Broadcast television networks, cable producers, large corporations, independent local business and everyone in between turn to Jolly Roger Images for the finest broadcast quality video.
Non-Linear Editing
Utilizing the latest in broadcast quality non-linear editing equipment, we provide a finished product limited only by the imagination.

We have been in the industry since 1985.


Added on 6/24/2017

Roger Prehoda's 2017 DP Reel

2017 Updated DP and Production Reel.

Video Logo 01:31
Roger Prehoda's 2017 DP Reel
Video Logo 01:39
Naples Grande Resort Demo
Video Logo 00:35
Bethesda Hospital Orthopedic Care
Video Logo 00:30
Doritos "Brainstorming"