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4K/HD DP and Adobe Premiere CC editor located in Boston. Production package features Sony PXW FS7 II. I cater to business/biotech/arts promotion, documentary & events. I aim to make video that can be both entertaining and edifying. The task, that I'm given over and over again in the types of projects that embrace both of those aims, is to capture as authentically as possible the experience and the thoughts of an employee, a patient, a user of a product, a person seeking training, a person seeking change. And that's why I have been in this profession for 20+ years.

Some specifics about gear: the FS7 records 10-bit 422 XAVC-Intra format; my second camera is the Sony A7R II 4K full frame mirrorless, which records 8-bit 422 XAVC Long GOP format. The A7R II can output an uncompressed signal that can be recorded in my Atomos Shogun recorder as 10-bit 422 ProRes HQ. The Shogun also can record 4K or HD in DNxHD and Cine DNG. This combination of the A7R II and the Shogun makes the A7R II a viable camera to use on smaller, lighter, more affordable support gear such as sliders, gimbals and jibs (all of which I own).

I also own a Sony PMW-EX3 XDCam EX camera with an 18x Canon industrial ½" lens for hotel ballroom event documentation. Don't block your audience's view and still get a "waist-up" shot of your presenters. On-site transfer of media is done via Macbook Pro. Editing services include multi-camera, color grading, audio sweetening, motion graphics, green screen compositing, web compliant video export and Blu-ray discs.

EFP/on-location production experience: corporate and business promotions; formal and candid interviews, testimonials, and how-to demos; trade show product demos, investor updates, patient/customer profiles, medical demos, brand promotion; TV commercial spots, short form TV magazine, ENG shoots; corporate meeting, conference, and seminar documentation; distance learning, employee training, podcasts. I have also shot, directed and edited multi-camera coverage of meetings, concerts and theater performances; a BTS music video for FashionTV; shot and edited a short-form profile of contemporary artist Lynda Benglis; and shot and edited a short-form profile of a HasHeart.US collaboration on a T-shirt design that features a USMC veteran from Oklahoma and a Boston artist.

I have been in the industry since 1996.

Medical Demo B-roll excerpts
Added on 6/2/2017

B-roll shots of operating room procedures and device demos in non-medical environment.

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