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HD thru 4K & 3D Freelance Camera and Sound Crew. Video Production services with multiple Sony FS7 cameras, the new Sony FS7 Mark II, Sony F800, EX3 and Sony Alpha DSLR cameras. 3D Camera Rigs, Stereographic Video Production and Post. In-house Shooter/Dp's, Drone Pilot and Soundman ensure availability. IATSE Local 600 and 480 affiliations. We always shoot for the edit with high production value and minimum setup time and delays. Lighting kits with Chimeras, Dedos, Kino Divas, Silks, Flags and more. We shoot EPKs, television shows and corporate projects almost daily. Editing & duplication, up or down conversions, window dubs, HD Editing, Duplication, Rentals and Crewing Services, Teleprompters, Drone and more...

We have been in the industry since 1989.

Production Outfitters
Added on 7/31/2013
This video highlights the many services offered at Production Outfitters.

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