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Pacific Media is an award winning digital media communications agency with high impact story-telling as the essential creative spark of our work. We support clients from large enterprises like HP, Cisco, & Netapp to small business, government and institutions. We provide both full-service and discrete services to meet our client's wide ranging needs for creative digital content. Look to us for video, interactive media, on-line presentations, writing for blogs & case studies and more. Check out our services and portfolio at www.pacificmedia.com

We have been in the industry since 2000.

Pacific Media: Innovative Video for Leadership Companies
Added on 3/30/2015
See how Pacific Media gives you innovative, leading edge digital communications that enhance your bottom-line. Explore the opportunities to keep pace with change in your industry, easily and with high ROI. Discover a better way to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace and your audience’s information requirements.

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