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We are PTPS. A production services company based in Portland, Oregon since 1984.

We have six key departments to help you with your project:

•Equipment Rentals
•Crewing & Production
•Sound Stages
•In-camera VFX and XR Production
•Meetings, Streaming and Live Events

We provide these services for producers, directors, production companies, advertising agencies, television networks, corporations, governments, non-profits, event companies and more.

Our newest offering is our In-camera VFX system utilizing 2.6mm LED walls, Unreal Engine and a suite of other state of the art tech to offer the most cutting edge special effects currently available. Our system has been utilized by Fortune 100 companies, Hollywood films, Grammy Award-winning bands and countless ad agencies who wanted to shoot somewhere out of this world, without leaving a sound stage.

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We have been in the industry since 1984.

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