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Conception through Distribution. Worldwide Motion Picture Production, Imaging, Direction and Licensing. Features, National Television, Mobile Entertainment, Animation, News, Live Broadcasts, Streaming Media, Interactive, Educational Series, Underwater Filming, Talk Shows. Film, HD, WEB, DVD, podcasting. Publishing and merchandising. Script Writing, Research, Line Producing, Field Producing, Directing, Voice Over Direction, Post Production Supervisor, Camera, Non Linear Editing, Interactive Projects. Proposal Writing, Budget Writing. Managing crews and talent. Technical Training, Publicity, Press Releases, Script Breakdowns, Hiring of freelance crews and field producers. Negotiation for royalties and contract writing, Mediator, Advisor. Managing and researching broadcast rights and stock footage, Copyright specialist. Fundraising, Non-Profit management. International co-productions; including Eurimage and MEDIA. Post Conflict and Conflict environments. Contract Negotiation. Scheduling to insure deadlines are met. Quality and Budget controller. Union and Non Union Productions. International experience.

Tweek City
- Feature Film
Producer, Line Producer. Directed by Eric Johnson. Staring Giuseppe Andrews, Keith Brunsmann and Demetrius Navarro. Filmed on Location in LA, San Francisco and Sacramento. Released 2007
* Dances with Films, Santa Monica
* Queen’s Film Festival, Museum of the Moving Image.

The Bridge - Feature Film
Producer, Line Producer. Easy There Tiger Production. Directed by Eric Steel. Documentary film about suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. 2006

The Guitar Man - Feature Film
Producer. Documentary directed by two-time Emmy award winner Eric Paul Fournier. To be released: 2009

The Surprise Party - Feature Film
Producer, Line Producer. Shot entirely on location in San Francisco, Brisbane and Redwood City. Written and Directed by Garrett Rice. Starring Colin Ferguson. First feature film edited on Apple's award winning software Final Cut Pro.
* Silver Medal winner WORLDFEST HOUSTON 2001

World Exposition Aichi, Japan
- WEB minidocs
Producer, Director. Created a series of daily "Vlogs" from the opening of the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. Includes animated leader by Charlie Canfield. 2005

Showtime Television
"Sexual Healing" - Reality Show Released 2007
Production Manager. Directed by Joe and Harry Gantz of Taxi Cab Confessions. Included Dr. Laura Berman. Over 24 hidden cameras! Recorded on location in Chicago, IL. First episode and all prep. View Films/Showtime 2006

VP Video/Film Production

John Sperling's Strategic Media Company. Sausalito, California. Developed and produced films, documentaries, educational and environmental series and news programs. Managed and hired a staff that included producers, researchers and editors. Built three HD production facilities. Managed business development for all New Media. Pitched and sold documentary and television series. Developed educational programs for new media. Contributed content and editorial to Sperling's non-profit foundations and publications. Implemented the newest and most advanced video compression on all the Sperling controlled websites, working with Apple Trailer's teams. 2004/2005

Coca Cola "Winter Olympics 2002"
- Web Series/MiniDocs
Producer, Director, Editor. Created over 40 motion pictures in less than 25 days during the 2002 Winter Olympics in UTAH, for Coca Cola. Built a non-linear editing facility on location in Park City. Videotaped and conducted interviews. Encoded and tested all movies for cutting edge webcasting. Managed and trained staff and production crew of 12, on location. Included "Man on the Street" segments, Athletes and personalities like Peter Max and the Park City Mayor.
* Clio Award 2002

* Axiem Award 2002

* Macromedia “Site of the Day” 2002

Lola Da Musica
- VPRO National TV, 1995 - 1996 (19 Documentaries)
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Camera. Multi award winning music documentary series. Bram van Splunteren, David Kleijweg, Paul Hegeman. Leader filmed and created by Rogier van der Ploeg. Camera: Rogier van der Ploeg, Rene van Eijk, Michel Langenberg, Piotr Kukla. Audio: Pieter Guijt, Jane Snijders. Remained on the air for ten years.
* Belgian Journalistic Prize;
Best Music Series in Europe 1995

Broadcast May.08,1995 Osdorp Posse
Broadcast Oct 02,1995: Hans Dulfer
Broadcast Oct.10,1995: Natacha Atlas, Loop Guru
Broadcast Nov. 13,1995: Gabber
Broadcast Nov.27,1995: Thione Seck, Habib Koite
Broadcast Dec.12,1995: Life of Agony
Broadcast Jan 8,1996: Foo Fighters, Garbage
Broadcast Jan .22,19.96: David Bowie
Broadcast Feb 5, 1996: Ebo Man, Unit Moebius
Broadcast Feb.19,1996: Maria McKee
Broadcast Mar.04,1996: Smashing Pumpkins
Broadcast Mar.18,1996: Lounge Music
Broadcast April.01,1996: Willie DeVille
Broadcast April.14,1996: Reggio Bands Rukken Op!
Broadcast April.29,1996: Underworld
Broadcast May.13,19.96: Willie Nelson
Broadcast June.10, 1996: Angélique Kidjo
Broadcast June 24, 1996: DJ Krush, Goldie

Kaleidoscope Pictures
Rights negotiation and contract writing for acquisition of all Video and Film to be used worldwide in Franklin Covey educational commercial products. Worked directly with Sean Covey and executives to curate short films illustrating how to address and solve business related issues, with humor. Negotiated with the unions, talent and their managers. Re-wrote union contracts to license national ads. 2006/2008

Press Conference Coverage during the: "Green My Apple", campaign in San Francisco 2007.

PGA Golf Tournament
Press conference coverage. On assignment, news footage gathering and stringing. Interviews with golf pros. Pebble Beach, February 2007

The Oldest Profession
- Documentary
Producer, Director. Short movie about the failed attempt to legalize the Sex Industry in the United States. A sobering and poignant story about the serious abuse of working women taking place inside the San Francisco dance clubs. 2005

Wished On The Moon
- Feature
Producer, Director, Editor. Based on a selection of Dorothy Parker short stories. 2004/2005

Los Lobos
"Behind-the-Scenes" - MiniDoc
Producer, Director. Created a minidoc for the November 9, 2004 DVD release of the LOS LOBOS concert: Live at the Fillmore. DVD release 2004.

Electronic Arts
- Animation
Producer, Director and Editor. Short animated piece illustrating the fantastic environments for UXO, the latest version of their popular video game ULTIMA. DVD 2003

Electronic Arts
- MiniDoc
Producer, Director. "The Making of the Music" for UXO. Promotional Video. Taped live footage during the recording of 80 pieces of original music composed by Chris Field for the popular online Video Game UXO. The music was performed by an 85 piece orchestra in the spellbinding atmosphere of Bastyr Chapel in Seattle Washington. DVD 2003/2004.

Witness of the Sun - Feature Documentary
Producer, Director. The life and work of Eadweard Muybridge. 2000-2008

Submarine Launch - MiniDoc
Producer, Director. Movie illustrating how to launch a Seamagine Submarine from the: Oceanic Research Vessel White Holly, to conduct underwater exploration at the Farallon Islands. 2007

Fifty Crows Media
- MiniDoc series
Director, Editor. Series of short movies based on the photo essays of the Documentary Photography Award Winners. Produced by Andy Patrick. Fifty Crows Media and Link TV. DVD/ONLINE 2003

Genetic Savings and Clone - Corporate
Pet Cloning Coverage. Producer, Director. Created a series of reportage pieces about pet cloning for Genetic Savings and Clone. International News Broadcast. HD. 2005.

EPK Production
- Corporate
Producer. Genetic Savings and Clone. Created EPK packages for multiple international companies. Including materials for corporate and news broadcast. HD. 2006

Link TV
- Documentary Series
Executive Producer. Series of shorts about the conflict in IRAQ. Researched, Produced and Directed by David Counts. 2006

"Trusted Flash" - Promotional
Producer, Writer. Created launch Video for "Trusted Flash". Directed and designed Special Effects at Elastic Creative in San Francisco. 2006

The Darker Side
- News
Producer, Director. Critical series that included translation and research on all the "Beheading" videos coming out of IRAQ. Including aired clips of atrocities from IRAQ. 2005

Museum of the African Diaspora
- Historical, Permanent Collection FILMS
Curated images for the four movies on the main floor of the San Francisco Premier Museum. Entitled "Origins of Man". Part of the museum’s permanent collection. Researched material, Negotiated licenses and Fees. Generated contracts. Museum Collection 2005

BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit
- Historical
Writer, Producer. Commemorative film for BART's 25th anniversary. Film illustrated the history of transportation in the Bay Area and the construction of the Trans Bay Tube. Narrated by KRON's Doug McConnell. Featuring Quentin Copp and Willie Brown. For broadcast and Shown in BART stations during 1998

Henk and Hank
- Film Series, National TV, 1995 (3 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Series of short films about tiny people living inside of household appliances. Directed by Brian Meijers. Photographed by Piotr Kukla. Production Designed by Wilbert van Dorp. 16mm Film. National Television Series. Short Film Release. 1996
* Opening Film - Utrecht's Film Festival. 1996

JAKKES! Sprookjes van "Gert Verderrie"
- National TV, 1995 (6 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Series of six modern fairy tales adapted for the screen. Directed by Brian Meijers and photographed by Piotr Kukla. Production Designer: Wilbert van Dorp. National Television Series 1994

Eric In The Land of Insects
- National TV, 1995 (6 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Dramatic series, Music CD and Book: Directed by Brian Meijers, Photographed by Piotr Kukla, Production Designer, Wilbert van Dorp. National Television Series 1994/95
* Screen adaptation of the award-winning novel; "Eric in the Land of Insects". Written by Godfried Bomans.

Hello Mr. Koekepeer - National Television Series 1992-1993 (53 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Animation mixed with Live Action. Each week this award winning series presented five short films in a Magazine Format. Directed by Frans Lases. Worked with a diverse group of directors and writers covering multi-cultural topics. Two year weekly run. Live Action, Animation, Documentary. Published book and music CD. Award winning.
* Negotiated international syndication
* CINEKIDS popular prize 1992
* CINEKIDS Popular Prize 1993

Van De Straat (From the Street) VPRO National TV 1995 (4 Documentaries)

Episode 1: Boys Club Of New York

Executive Producer, Audio. Documentary about children living in Harlem NYC. Mirjam Marks camera and regie. Shot on Location in NYC.

Episode 2: A West Side Story

Executive Producer, Audio. Documentary about children living on the Upper West Side, NYC. Mirjam Marks camera and regie. Shot on location in NYC.

Episode 3: Een Burcht in de Schilderswijk DEN HAAG
Executive Producer, Audio. Documentary about children living in DEN HAAG. Mirjam Marks camera and regie. Shot on location in DEN HAAG.

Episode 4: De Vogelwijk en Omstreken in DEN HAAG
Executive Producer, Audio. Documentary about children living in DEN HAAG. Mirjam Marks camera and regie. Shot on location in DEN HAAG.

De Verkouden Vrouw (The Sneezing Woman) VPRO National TV, 1996 (7 episodes)
Executive Producer, Directed by; Agnes de Ruyter en Adri Schrover. Starring Agnes de Ruyter. Series of seven music videos.
* Cinekids Prize 1996

Summer Kinderen
- VPRO National TV 1994 (episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Six part reportage series about children and their summer activities.

Our Kingdom In Twelve Chapters
- National Television Series (1 episode)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Twelve part series, illustrating daily life and historical tales about each of the twelve provinces in The Netherlands. National Television 1993.

Sunday Morning Presentation: "LIVE"
VPRO National TV, 1992 (2 seasons)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Included creation of all promotional materials, previews, station bumpers, program leaders, promotional event management, press release writing. And broadcasting LIVE every Sunday Morning from 6:00 - NOON.
* VPRO Award Winning Youth Programming.

Fred op Zee - (Fred at Sea) VPRO National Television 1992, (9 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Talk Show for teens. Starring Jaap Boots. Research and Editorial Mijam Marks. Booked celebrity guests. Negotiated screen rights for Movie and Music clips. Included footage of Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Mr. Bean, Tom Cruise and more! 1991

Fred's Videohoek - VPRO National Television 1991 (10 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Starring Jaap Boots. Research and Editorial Mirjam Marks. Children's Series.

The Calendar
- National Television 1990 (11 episodes)
Executive Producer, Line Producer. Interactive! Current events show. Magazine format covering news and recreational ideas for kids. National Television Series.
* Cinekid Popular Prize 1990

Prospero's Books
- Feature Film, Allarts Released 1991
Production Associate. Produced by Kees Kasander. Directed by Peter Greenway, starring Sir john Gielgud. Filmed in the Netherlands in 1990.

"Triple X" - Film Short 1992
Producer. Pander Brothers film created for release with their comic book series of the same name. Starring Nick Flynn and Grant Walpole

The Emperor's Wife
- Feature Film
Associate/Locations. Staccato Films, 22 million dollar feature film. MEDIA, eurimage co production. Art directors; Ben can Os, Jan Roelfs. Planned to shoot on Location in Morocco, Spain and The Netherlands.

American Buffalo
- Stage Production 1990-1992
Producer. Live stage production of David Mamet's play. Directed by William Onteveros. Starring Nick Flynn, Grant Walpole and Henri Falconi. 1990
* National Premier of David Mamet's work in the Netherlands.
* Held Over!
* Picked up by the; Stadchouwberg (National Theater of Holland).

Voice Over Talent for the Lead Role in Alejandro Agresti's short film "Library of Love". The Netherlands. All Arts Production 1991

RAMONA - Feature Film
Art Director/Property Master. Feature Film, Directed by Jonathan Sarno. Produced by Dianne Griffin and Loredana Palivoda in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mexico. Feature Film 1989

NBC - National News

Runner, Production Support. Worked in San Francisco and Dallas during the Republican and Democratic conventions. Assisted Anchors; Tom Brokaw and Jane Paulie. Live and Recorded; National Television News. 1988

Charles Schwab
- Executive Profile Series
Producer, Editor, Camera. A series of Executive Profiles used as part of Schwab's corporate educational series. Trade/Industrial 1999

1-800-BAR NONE - National TV Commercial - 1999
Production & Locations. Starring Fran Tarkenton and Joe Montana.
Shot on location in Sausalito, California.

True Stories
- Executive Profile Series
Producer, Camera, Editor. Created 50 Executive Profiles. Included top executives from around the world. 1998/1999

Moscow Subways
- News Feature
Director, Camera. Moscow, Russia. News Feature 1993

Technical/Creative Skills
Writing, Editing, Videography, Still Photography, Audio Recording, Non-Linear/Linear Editing, Teaching. Excellent computer skills; Macintosh, OSX, Windows, PC. Movie Magic, Excel, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Cleaner 5, ProTools, DVD Authoring, Webcasting, Streaming media; Windows Media, Real Media, Real Player, Quicktime Streaming and Progressive. Dreamweaver, HTML. Advanced computer skills!

Language Skills

Native English, Fluent Dutch, First Level French.

Teaching / Lectures

California, Contra Costa School District: High School Program. Mill Valley, California: Young Filmmaker's Program. Media Training; Understanding Copyright Law. Independent Producers Forum: How to work with the Screen Actor's Guild- under low budget agreements. Youth Filmmaker's Workshop: Mill Valley Film Festival.

Field Experience

USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Moscow, North Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Cairo, Europe, France, England, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Prague, Belgium, Austria, Belgrade, Greece, The Dominican Republic, Japan. Offshore Marine Work.

IFP (Independent Feature Project), NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) FAF (Film Arts Foundation), BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition)

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