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Need video production services? TV Pro Gear provides crew and equipment to shoot multi camera events such as sports, concerts, conferences and religious services worldwide.

TV Pro Gear also designs, engineers and builds tv stations, production studios, flypacks and video trucks. Our clients include NBC, AT&T, Comcast & the US Navy.

Our rentals department has what you need for your next production. We have video production equipment, video production trucks, flypacks, and a stage that you can rent.

We represent over one hundred video and audio equipment manufacturers. Join our Broadcast Buyers Club and purchase at below online prices.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

Broadcast Video Production Truck Built by TV Pro Gear
Added on 2/19/2015
TV Pro Gear has completed building a 35 foot video production truck for GISL TV4 located in Trinidad. TV Pro Gear designs and builds television stations, production facilities, video trucks and Flypaks™ for companies all over the world. Recent clients include Comcast, AT&T, Bloomberg, NBC, FOX, and the City of Manhattan Beach.

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