Royce Allen Dudley

Hollywood, California

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I am a cinematographer of 40+ indie feature films, 2 TV series, corporate & infomercials. I am also a seasoned director / producer, based in both Southern & Northern California.

I specialize in fast paced, small - medium size shoots & tend to operate "A" camera while DP'ing multi-cam, & usually on single camera shows as well. I work well with the whole range of creatives, from precise, decisive directors to more " do your thing, Royce " types of clients.

I began shooting & lighting 35mm / 16mm / analog broadcast video professionally in the 1990's, & first shot HDCAM in 1999. I am fully capable of acquisition for theatrical, television web & mobile content, in any format ( how many K's do we need this week?)

I have been in the industry since 1992.

Added on 10/8/2013
Shot and lit with a crew of 2.

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