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Best in class video production and digital media services. Golden Lamb has been providing friendly professional Camera crews since 1986. The original company in the Upstate NY area offering these services. We have 4K & HD Packages, including the Sony FX-9, FX-6, F-5, Sony PDW-700 XDCAM ,DJI Ronin and the Mavic Pro Drone. Broadcast live with our LIVEU LU 300. Available 24/7 with complete production packages to cover the entire northeast. Located near Albany NY, our central location makes our coverage area extensive, within just 2-3 hours of NYC and Boston. We also offer a 25 foot camera jib and our operator is well versed in feature films, live television,sports, and commercial television production. When it matters most and you have one chance, rely on the experience of Golden Lamb Productions. Experienced, Friendly, and Professional Crews.

We have been in the industry since 1986.

S and S Brewery
Added on 12/7/2015
A look at how the brewery got started and how it wants to grow. This showcases a lot of out abilities with the cool gear we listed. Of course it doesn't show you everything we are able to provide, heck it's only a few minutes long, for more go to our website! Thanks!

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