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I am a DP/Cameraman/Field Producer, with over 30 years of experience who works in National and International Broadcast TV, Reality, Documentary, Corporate and Commercial Production. I also have extensive experience in Live television (Up-links), Sports and Branded Corporate video.

I am a Sony F5/55/EX3 (Owner/Operator) , I also have a number of other cameras available - for my complete equipment list please see below..If you Are not familiar with the F5, it is a Cinema camera that shoots HD/2K/UHD/4k and is used on features, commercials and TV shows regularly.

I do carry liability ($ 2million) and Equipment Insurance.

The area I cover/work in is:

ALL of New England
BOSTON (as a Local)
New York City (As a Local)
Portland Maine (as a Local)
Canadian Provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Anywhere in the world a Producer is willing to travel crew and Gear

I have shot/produced in North, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Micronesia and out at sea.

As to the equipment I have/ Cameras I use (and can rent as needed):
Cameras I use (Broadcast/Reality/Documentary/Commercial/Corporate):
SONY: PDM700, PDMF800, PMW500, F5, F55, PMW-F3, FS700, PDM350, F355, Z7U, EX1 or EX3
Panasonic: HDX900, HPX2700,HPX3700, HVX500, HVX200
ARRI: Alexa
RED: Epic
Canon: C300, 5D, 7D

Camera's OWNED:
SONY PDW-F800, PMW-F5, PMWEX3 (2- 64gb Pro Plus, 2- 32gb Pro, 3- 3gb and 3-16gb SxS cards)
Canon: EOS5D
(14mm, 50mm, 85mm, 500mm, 24-105mm and 70-300 Lenses, 2-64gb CF cards)

Camera Support:
Chorziel 2 stage Matte Box
Assorted Filters
6”, 12”, 18” 15mm Rods
Follow Focus and Filters
Sachtler Video 20 Tripod with Carbon Fiber legs
8" HD/SD HDSDI LCD Monitor

2 Lectrosonics Wireless Systems
2 Countryman B6 Lavs
3 channel Stereo Field Mixer
4 channel Stereo Field Mixer
Sennheiser Shotgun and Boompole
Sennheiser Hand mike

 5600º - HMI and LEDS
 1- ARRI Sun 5 575 watt HMI Par with Lenses
 2- Litepanels Bi-Focus LEDS (30º Spot to 60ª Soft)  
1- Litepanels 30º Spot  
2- Sola Six LED Fresnel (output of each equals 200 watt HMI)
3- Sola 3" LED Fresnel's
 2- Ikan 500 watt LEDS (4 Bank Soft with Dimmer)

 3200º Tungsten:
 1- Source Four 50º ellipsoidal
 1- Source Four 25º-50º ellipsodial
 1-  18x24 Net/Flag Set
 2-  Medium and Small Chimera's
 15- Light Stands (Arri and Avenger)
 4-  C-Stands
 5-  Sandbags
 1- 6x6 Overhead set - Single. Double, Solid, Silk
 1- 9x12 Green Screen
 1- 9x12 White Background   
 1- 9x12 Gray Background
 1- 9x12 Black Background
 Various assorted Misc. Grip Gear, Gels and Stingers
 1- Carbon Fiber Lightweight Jib Arm
 Portable AVID Symphony 6.0 and Matrox MX02MAX

Here is a PARTIAL list of what I have worked on:

Discovery ID
Yankee Jungle
Living Sovereign
The Willis Clan
4 Weddings
Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares
Food Hoarders
Cool Tools
My Classic Car
Wreakreation Nation
While you were out
Honey we’re killing the Kids
Most Shocking Most Daring
While you were Out
Homework with Hank
World Harbors
A Day in Pompeii

Documentary/News Magazine:
NASA 369
The Steve Harvey Show
The New England Traveler
CBS Sunday Morning
Fixing the Future (Feature Documentary)
NBC Today Show
Gary Null, Inc
HD Net World Report
John Holden's “Greenroom”
Cleopatra: The Search for the last Queen of Egypt
Damrel's Fire
Harpo Productions
NBC NEWS Today Show
E Entertainment Networks – DP True Hollywood Stories
American Farmer
Business Update (FOX)

Dumont Cup/NBC Sports
HD Net -  MMA
NFL Network - NE Patriots
MLB Baseball
Bud TV - Bust and Burn
Versus - Boarder Cross
ESPN - Sports Century

Liberty Mutual
Brands USA
Cash Star
Lippincott Publishing
Ocean Spray
Western Star Trucks
Bell South

Thanks for your time, hopefully we will have the opportunity to work
together in the future.


Larry Young

Lawrence S. Young
Best Shot Productions
New England • New York • Northeast USA and Canada
Linked In: www.linkedin.com/lawrencesyoung

I have been in the industry since 1975.

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