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We have the largest international production coordination network in South Asia, and can provide all formats of HD and 4K camera units, crews, ground support and coordination, as per your requirements. We've been in the business for over 27 years now, so we're past masters apart from being an audited public limited company.

Be it an international production that requires a partner or an entirely Indian show, we have the solution for you, with our production department producing dozens of international documentaries each year.

For an exciting hourly video update of the finest HD travel and wildlife content from across India, fed by our team of 100 crew travelling around the country, please subscribe to our Youtube channel wildfilmsindia. Also, do join clipahoy.com , Asia's first video social networking site, to share all of India's madness, beauty and more... Support us and enjoy this crazy journey across India. In the process, we're all set to become the Most Viewed Travel channel in the world. Currently, we're at No. 17 on the list of 'Most Viewed Travel and Events channels worldwide'.

The largest global collection of HD internet and television content on South Asia is now available online. This is part of Wilderness Films India's larger initiative called A Visual mapping of the Indian Subcontinent which has taken a team of 50 people over 15 years to put together, and we're doubling up our efforts going forward, in order to archive in High Definition every aspect of the South Asian experience! While we already have 47, 000 clips, films and shorts online, we plan to have a million by the end of next year.

Our mission is to create a broader world-view on our sub-continent, while creating awareness on conservation issues along the way... Put all this together, and you have the most powerful geographical, sociological, religious and cultural atlas of India!

Please get in touch if we can help in any way, or share our content with you on other platforms... With our 15, 000+ hours of HD content, we can build you a site on any topic, theme or subject with a specialization in tourism/travel, environment, wildlife/nature, and India in general!

Meanwhile, please subscribe to our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/wildfilmsindia and Like us on FB: www.facebook.com/WildernessFilmsIndiaLimited

We have been in the industry since 1987.

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