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Welcome to the 24frame.com homepage. We are providers of 24 and 30 frame Computer / Video equipment and custom graphics to the motion picture and television industry. We have one of Hollywood''s largest inventories of vintage and contemporary television monitors, digital, ¾" and Beta tape playback systems, video/computer projection systems, studio video cameras and an assortment of electronic props.

Additionally, our video editing and computer graphics department design interactive hero and generic graphics suitable for everything from cable channel commercials
to the biggest budget movies ever made like Titanic, Armageddon, Virus, Pushing Tin, Starship Troopers, just to name a few. Please take the time to visit our credits link to see a few more.

We are a full rental company for your
24/30 frame playback needs.

24P HD Playback and Sync
24/30 frame video playback
24/30 frame computer playback
24/30 HD Projection Playback
Digital Video Assist
SD/HD Camera Packages
Post Production
Equipment Rental
Stock Footage
Technical Services

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