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International leader in mobile staging and telescoping concepts, STAGELINE® has been designing, developing and manufacturing it’s revolutionary technology for over 15 years. Now a ISO 9001 certified company, STAGELINE® offers the world’s most advanced product in mobile staging equipment and is always committed to refining its state-of-the-art concept.

The STAGELINE® advantage now brings you beyond the idea of performance, or even with the fact of stage. Think of the display, exhibit, projection room, and other possible uses mobile unit concepts are put to, and you’ll realize that the non-staging applications are virtually limitless.

STAGELINE® innovative approach in displaying corporate image can be tailored to meet you and your client’s need, as it did in past and existing programs such as Coca-Cola/Nintendo interactive play station, Wal-Mart’s Country Music across America, Nascar product display, VH1 Highway Tour ’98, the Olympic Torch Relay (Olympic Games/Atlanta), and the

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