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We have offices in West Palm Beach, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale and Miami Florida. For a camera we use the the new Black Magic URSA 4K cinema camera. We can also shoot on the Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Amira Premium or the RED Scarlet X.Canon 5D Mark lll, the RED camera, the Canon EOS c300, c500 and the Sony XD cameras. We have a full-time studio with a green screen cyc or cyclorama wall, and various colors of seamless paper backgrounds. Our studio is sound proofed and sound dampened for excellent audio. We also have camera dolly tracks and cranes. Jeff Bernier, owner of American Media Professionals has been videotaping since 1986. He has extensive experience taping for business, broadcast, TV commercials, live events, interviews, seminars and promotional infomercials for websites. We can also provide make-up artist, script writing and buy the media time for your TV commercial. You can also choose an actor or spokes person from our staff of 18 people. We offer video services and photography from concept to completion.

If we need to shoot interviews we can shoot them at your location or in our studio. For interviews we use a three point LED lighting kit with one on a boom stand to act as a hair light. The lights utilize soft filters for a pleasing soft look on the talent. We record audio with a boom microphone and a lapel mic offering two channels to pick from in editing. We always have anti shine make up on hand as well to reduce glare and shine on the talents face. Here are a few samples: vimeo.com/120529518

This year AMP is proud to announce that Jeff Bernier, owner and DP worked on the Academy award nominated documentary film "I'll be Me" starring Glenn Campbell and produced by the production company owned by James Keach and Jane Seymour. Jeff Bernier worked as a camera operator filming interviews and a live concert. The film is about Glenn Campbells fight with Alzheimer's disease.

We are a high definition professional video production company which produces videos for corporate and business use. We can record and edit interviews, testimonials, instructional, how-to videos, marketing, advertising, web casts, live streaming, promotional videos, music videos for bands or singers, online videos, training videos, seminars, meetings, underwater videotaping, conferences, sporting events, infomercials, TV commercials and much more. We have price packages available to cover all budgets from inexpensive to high end expensive projects. We service the entire USA. For more information and prices call or email.

We have been in the industry since 1986.

A Company Concept Video
Added on 9/21/2015

This video demonstrates a typical company concept video we produced.

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