Audio Visual Headquarters - Denver (Rental)

2369 S Trenton Way, Unit F
Denver, Colorado 80231

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Equipment That Won''t Let You Down
As part of the leading audiovisual company (AVSC), we continually refresh our equipment resources, including:

• Video
Video and multi-media projection, plasma screens, replay systems, cameras and more to keep your image crisp.

• Audio
Clean, even sound for maximum impact. Speakers systems that don''t look intrusive in the corporate environment.

• Lighting
A well-lit presenter will carry a more impressive message. An imaginatively lit set will create drama and anticipation.

• Staging
Everything you need to produce a professional environment on stage; from stage sets to computerized cuing systems.

• Computer Systems
Whether you need a laptop or a multi-room network, we can provide the latest technology, high-speed access, simple Web links or on-site cyber cafes.

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