JC Monzón

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania


About Me

My goal is to bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story that matches my client’s vision. With more than 15+ yrs of experience, and freelancing at some of the nation’s top post-production houses, I have had the opportunity to create many success stories across a wide range of disciplines. I have been a Senior Editor, Producer, Director, Visual Effects Compositor, Visual Effects Supervisor, Manager, and a few things in between. I have a deep understanding of the innovative creative process, its workflows, and the unique challenges that are endemic to the field. I have leveraged this understanding to find solutions that deliver productions on-time, on-budget, and on-message. All while keeping in balance the passion & fun of making magic for the clients.

On the management front, I have experience with workflow optimization, resource management, digital media asset management, training, staffing, project management, production management.

On the technical side, my strong knowledge and ever learning geek side, has allowed me to leverage technology to solve problems, and provide sound planning for long term capital road-maps. It has also allowed me to directly spec & manage large technology shoots and projects, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with Engineers & Sysadmins, post facilities, Unity or ISIS environments, and more.

My creative experience producing, editing, grading, designing, etc. has been the key to my success to deliver projects on time and in budget. I intimately understand the needs & challenges of doing creative things. I strive to remove the roadblocks that I have experienced, to allow one to look to deliver best possible work.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

2014 Reel
Added on 12/15/2014
Showcasing some of my work other are available at www.jcmonzon.com hope you enjoy.

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