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Streamlined and efficient, WinterSpring Studios operates with a crew of one. When possible, I handle all the HD/4K camerawork, editing, graphics and animation. With talents in drawing and design, my intuitive approach focuses on imagination and originality, creative concepts and unique solutions. I have an associate degree in Visual Communications, but the bulk of my education has come on the job. I have some 35mm motion picture and television experience, but also a variety of specialty skills and insight with stereo photography, tele-cine movie transfer, claymation, and Super-8 filmmaking.

The convenience and reliability of a real studio in Wisconsin Rapids offers a wealth of creative freedom and helps me develop long-term relationships with my clients. My niche is producing videos for small and medium level businesses, go-getter entrepreneurs who don't mind dressing a scene, handling a boom mic or running the clapboard. A long term client of mine calls WinterSpring his "One stop shop" for promoting his products. One size doesn't always fit all. Give WinterSpring a call. We might just be the perfect fit.

Happy Filmmaking
Dan Smith

We have been in the industry since 2003.

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WinterSpring's 2018 Demo Reel

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