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50 E.42 St. 11th Fl.
New York, New York 10017


About Us

Studio Center is, in a nutshell, the largest, fastest growing studio of its kind in the country. Founded in 1966, Studio Center was one of the first production studios to specialize in the production of broadcast advertising. That was back in the days of two-martini lunches...or hell, just lunches.

But that was then, what about now? Well now, Studio Center has clients in all 50 states and 23 countries around the world. We produce more than 14,000 projects every year, many of them award-winning. In fact, we've won more than 4,000 awards including Andys, Tellys, Clios, Addys, Silver Microphones, Gold Quills, Silver Screens, Axiems, EMAS, Mobiuses, a Grammy, and the 1993 Pine Bark Chipping Title of Wyoming.

So what is it that makes Studio Center so special? Our PEOPLE! Over 700 full or part time employees and talent solely focused on delivering YOU the PERFECT Product. We say: “Strive for Perfection, Settle for Excellence.”

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