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The Xcorps is a TV production company producing the journalistic action sports and music broadcast format TV news show XCORPS airing nationally on broadcast, cable and satellite TV and 100+ online video sites. The show focuses on non-traditional action sports and is edited to emerging cool music videos hosted by an energized on camera talented team who ARE The Xcorps!
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We have been in the industry since 1990.

Xcorps Action Sports TV #52.) MARKER X seg.3
Added on 12/28/2010
Xcorps Action Sports TV #52.) MARKER X seg.3 - Team Xcorps locks and loads on home turf San Diego on the mighty U.S. Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton for some paintball marker combat action against team The Paintball Park in this welt lifting fast moving auto fire episode! Team players- Lance Vargas USMC, Phoebe Mcintyre, Rachel Tomlinson, Jackie Burkett, Daniel Swenson, Alex Heckman, Scott Sommers, Jason Lazo, Shawn Walker, Laura Bell, Travis X Check out Xcorps host Jason Lazo and the rest of team XC while they battle it out on one of the coolest marker parks in the nation complete with full scale military war machines like helicopters, trucks, tracked monster 175mm howitzers along with many buildings all set among a desert scrub terrain. Great new music from Suburban Noize band Authority Zero doing their song "Break The Mold" backs up the action! Segment 3 features more adrenalized action edited to a new music video from the band Emery doing their song "Butchers Mouth" along with new music from SubNoiZe band SLAINE performing with Everlast playing "The Last Song". Firepower by: Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 The Paintball Park Camp Pendelton is 10 acres of tournament players paradise with four brand new turf fields including fill stations at every field. The facility has a large built-in paddox area where the players can stage. The four fields at the site offer a wide variety of bunkers to practice for any tournament series or format including the RPL, PSP and USPL. The Paintball Park: http://thepaintballpark.com/ Stay Tuned for XC #52 "MARKER X" See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! 10/2010 J.S.Edmondson ©2010 TheXcorps http://www.xcorpstv.com/

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