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Montclair, New Jersey

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I am a New York/New Jersey based sound mixer with over 15 years of experience in Network, ENG, documentary, corporate, news, broadcast, reality, web and other production environments. I am a skilled and cooperative team player with a discerning ear for detail and a positive attitude who is right at home in the most demanding of production settings.

I have a 10 channel field mixer/recorder package with 7 channels of wireless, up to 4 boom mics, IFB receivers, Time Code Slate, in addition to plenty of additional items. All my gear is top of the line professional equipment that is personally maintained and attended to on a regular basis. My package can be scaled to suit your needs, from run and gun ENG bag mixing to a cart based feature type setup, and just about everything in between.

My clients range from corporate producers and production companies to network news, and I am just as at home working on small crew docs as I am working on large scale setups with high profile talent.

All gear is packed in Pelican cases and ready to travel. I own a car and drive myself to and from shoots.

I have been in the industry since 1998.


NBC News, Nightly News, Today Show, Dateline, 2014-16 CBS News- 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, 2015-16 ABC Good Morning America, Nightline, various segments, 2010-2015 Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, The Medicines Company, various corporate videos, 2008-2016 Mercedes Benz dealership videos, 2014-15 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2015 Late Night with Seth Meyers, various segments, 2014 UFC, Ultimate Insider, UFC Embedded, Road to the Octagon, 2014-15 John Stossel documentaries, FOX Business, 2011-15 HBO Real Sports, 2014 Just Cause 3, Motion Capture for video game, 2014 History Detectives, Lion Television, various episodes, 2011-14 My Strange Addiction, 20West, Various episodes, 2011-14 Tickle, Season 1, Magilla Entertainment, 2013 America's Worst Tattoos, Seasons 1 & 2, Magilla Entertainment, 2012-13 Red Bull US, various projects, 2009-2010 Moguls & Movie Stars, documentary, TCM 2010 Abraham's Children, documentary, Clockwise Productions 2010


Zaxcom Nomad 10 Multitrack mixer/recorder 7 Channels of Lectrosonics digital hybrid wireless Full complement of Schoeps boom mics, cardioid and hypercardioid. IFB receivers (5) for Audio and time code distribution Time Code Slate A multitude of cables, connectors, adapters, problem solvers, etc . . . to ensure that I have everything I need to give you everything you need. Sanken COS11D lavs mics (7) DPA 4060 lav mics (4) Tram TR-50 lav mics (4) I have a cart for transport and everything is in Pelican cases ready to travel. Cart based recording setup