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You have an idea and you need it to become real, right now. Rex Post is your answer. We listen to you. We work within your budget. You are the boss.

Your radio and TV commercials, industrial, sales and tradeshow videos, Bluray, DVDs, CDs, and Flash content will join the body of work we've created for Intel, Tektronix, Flir Systems, the State of Oregon, Subway Restaurants and many others.

Your footage is skillfully edited in Premiere or Final Cut HD. Your motion graphics are creatively summoned in After Effects.

Shoot in our quiet Green Screen stage, or on location.

Your dynamic animations are born in 3-D Studio Max. Your video is compressed by experts for delivery to IP/Mobile, iPod, kiosks, and the Internet.

You engage our 40+ years of recording experience and three Pro Tools HD audio studios. We are your source for ISDN and SourceConnect digital patches, ADR and podcasting. You have a 3,000 disc SFX and music library at your fingertips. We even help you cast your talent.

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