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Brad Huggins is a music producer and DJ specializing in Progressive House, House Music, and just about any form of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that makes people want to dance.

“Music is my passion and I want to share great music with anyone who will listen.” From club anthems to commercial hits, rare underground mixes to his own original tracks, Brad incorporates many different styles of dance music into his DJ sets.

As a musician, Brad has a classical background on piano, a jazz background on the saxophone, a Rock/Pop background on the electric and acoustic guitar, and an electronic music background utilizing synthesizers and various computer programs. Brad also has basic certifications for audio engineering, sound reinforcement, and music production.

For DJ bookings or musical collaborations, email bradhuggins@hotmail.com

Brad's latest project is titled, Harmonic Heroes
Web site = http://www.harmonicheroes.com
Sound Cloud = http://soundcloud.com/harmonicheroes
Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/harmonicheroes
Twitter = http://twitter.com/bradhuggins

Brad also operates an EDM record label titled, RGDM Recordings - http://rgdmrecordings.com

I have been in the industry since 2005.



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