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Why settle for "The B-TEAM??" Peachtree Prompters has been RENTING gear, TRAINING & HIRING teleprompter operators and talent for over 35 years, including many working rental companies, to date. Email us for OPERATORS, RENTALS, TRAINING & CONSULTING.

***NEW*** SUN IN YOUR SHOT? NOT A PROBLEM... LED Monitors for camera's and speech prompters. LET THE SUN SHINE IN... the all-new LED monitors supersede all monitors out there.
*** NEW*** DON'T LET A SPEECH PROMPTER BE THE FOCUS OF YOUR EVENT! Our LED ROBOTIC PRESIDENTIALS feature mirrors that fold completely flat in front of your audience when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind! These are what the White House uses.

Since 1989, Peachtree Prompters, a nationally recognized Full-service Teleprompter Rental House, has been servicing the greater South East with sister companies in Atlanta, Augusta and Nashville.
Every teleprompter imaginable for video, film, public speaking & live broadcasts: Featuring LED High-bright flat-screen monitors ranging anywhere from 8 - 20" large! Automatic ROBOTIZED Presidential (Executive) speech prompters, lightweight teleprompters for jibs & cranes, Hand-held and STEADICAM teleprompters for promos, commercials and reality shows. Top of the line software includes live changes and slave operation for REMOTE LIVE CHANGES WITH MULTIPLE OPERATORS. Professional and experienced operators put you at ease. Peachtree Prompters is nationally recognized and regularly requested by The White House, CBS, NBC & NFL Sports, The PGA, CNN, TURNER, A-List Celebrities and many more!

We have been in the industry since 1989.

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