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Denver, Colorado 80302


About Us

Over 30 years experience as a Lighting Cameraman, Director of Photography, & Producer. Owner / Operator.

"Exceptional eye for composition & portrait lighting".
"Excellent hand held documentary shooter".
"TV photographer whose creativity is unsurpassed".
"A keen sense for client relations".

Experience as a TV photo-journalist/DP.

CBS’ 60 Minutes, CNN Presents, Xcel Energy, America’s Most Wanted, live nat’l news remotes, local and national spots, gov’t agencies, non–profit fundraising productions. Rec’d Tellys, Emmys, Communication Awards & National Peabody.

I own a Sony EX3, Sony X 70 4K, Nikon 800, and rent a variety of cameras , We shoot in diverse formats and frames Extensive lighting support equipment package no extra charge 4 HMI lights, Several LED's and Tungsten packages, Hollywood dolly, Hollywood Jib, 5 Chimeras, variety backdrops Quick,experienced broadcast news DP with a production creative eye.Knows storytelling, continuity documentary style - and blocked , directed.

We have been in the industry since 1981.

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