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Multi-camera productions for a variety of sports. Live events, instant replay, announcers, wall to wall coverage of sports. Booking now for 2018. Call us to discuss your needs (512) 992-9055

American Athletic Conference: SMU, Houston, Tulane, UConn, USF, UCF, Tulsa, Cincinnati and others.
Pro Rugby League, Pro Soccer, Pro Golf.
College baseball, softball, tennis, track & field, high school football and more.
Broadcasted online, ESPN2, ESPN3, www.TheAmerican.org

NEWS VIDEO SERVICES: NBC, CBS, HBO, ESPN, SXSW, ACL festival, MTV, Texas Football, LiveStream, Ustream, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, 60 Minutes, NCAA Sports, Fox Business news, Russia 1, German Prosieban, Australia 10, F1, Texas Lottery, Bacardi, Youtube Inc, Rachel Ray Show, UPN21 Dallas, KTVT Dallas, Court TV,
20 years experience working with major market and network TV in the U.S. and Europe with lots of experience in News, Politics, Sports, Outdoors, Business, Corporate Image, news magazine, documentaries, sports and travel industry. Crew ready to travel anywhere in the world. Hold current passport.

Sony HD Pro Cameras, Canon D7, D5, DSLRs.
Various GoPro Cameras, Drones, video and audio accessories
24ft video production trailer fully equipped for onsite HD productions nationwide.
ENG/EFP camera crews: we work with the following formats: hd, beta, dv, hdv, ntsc.

Specialties: Live shots, sports, news, press relations, internet video, search engine optimization, travel, sports, entertainment, medical, legal, outdoors.

University of Texas at Austin Press & media relations specialist based in Austin Texas area. 20+ years experience in TV news, promotions, press relations and publicity. Strong contacts in the media industry in all major Texas cities: Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and south Texas. Also major contacts with cable TV news.

Internet marketing & media. Web video, marketing, production and distribution of sports programming.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

MEAC basketball tournament 2017
Added on 5/18/2017

This is the 3rd year L2Productions has produced the live streaming event for MEAC basketball. Crews include videographers, directors, producers, talent, instant replay. Equipment includes all…

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