About Me

Complete Audio Post-Production for Television and Film, Music and Games. An outgoing, hands on Audio Supervisor/Engineer/Designer/Composer that has participated
in the delivery of thousands of TV shows, commercials and several films throughout his career.

Dialog: Has recorded principle dialog for TV and film using lavs, mics, and directing boom operators on set and location. Also voiceover/ADR recording/matching.

FX: Has sound designed literally hundred of network and cable logos, transitions, segments, and specials. Has recorded location custom FX for design use, ambience and walla beds.
Released "The Founder's Edition" Sound FX DVD library with 50,000 SFX in its catalog.

Music: Has recorded and mixed a very wide variety of sessions from actual full orchestras and individual sections to rock, jazz, folk, blues, pop, klezmer, singer/songwriters/ soloists, choir, eastern and world ensembles, alongside of full-scale all-sampled "in-the-box" MIDI multi-tracking to picture.

stereo, mono and DME stem mixing for TV broadcast, DVD, CD, and radio, dialog re-builds, foley, ambience beds, BGs, walla, , FX rebuilds, sound design, music editing and mastering.

I have been in the industry since 1989.

Work with Thomas Orsi

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