About Me

I have over 22 years of experience in TV/Film production.

Although I have won multiple awards for my work from concept to completion, my focus has been in post-production because I love being the "storyteller" through the combination of all the elements in editing. Being a musician/singer-songwriter adds another layer to my ability of creating pieces that utilize sounds and music to convey a mood or feeling.

I have edited everything from 30 sec spots to feature-length productions and my style adapts to the project at hand allowing me to be extremely versatile. Having worked with Avid, Final Cut and Premiere allows me to "hit the ground running" as so many projects seem to require.

Thank you for your consideration.

My resume is on my profile and please view samples of my work at:

• Creative Director
• Project Management
• Marketing Management
• Project Coordination

• Editor (non-linear and linear)
• Producer/Director (field & studio)
• Graphic Designer
• Writer
• Videographer (field and studio)
• Interviewer
• Technical Director
• Studio Camera Operator
• Production Assistant
• Floor Manager

I have been in the industry since 1993.

Added on 8/1/2019
Overview of many of the services provided by E3 Media Post. I have permission to use all of this footage. I was hired to create all of these projects. Saying that I'm an "Editor" is a bit of a misnomer these days. When I say I'm an Editor, that means: Post-Production Director/Producer, Graphic Design, Special F/X, After Effects, Motion Graphics, Color Grading, Color Correction, Sound Design, Audio Clean-up, Audio Mixing, Animation (various styles), Chroma Key and of course, Editing. Using the title "Editor" kind of minimizes everything, doesn't it?


Digital Editor/Post-Director/Producer – The Protestant Reformation at 500 Years: Quo Vadis

January, 2017 — September, 2017
Television – Life Inc.

Digital Editor-Story Content/Post-Director/Producer – Karma (2017)

August, 2016 — June, 2017
Feature – Summertyme Productions

Digital Editor/Post-Director/Producer – From Riots to Rights

January, 2015 — July, 2019
Feature – 4Rights Films

Digital Editor/Post-Producer – Dangerous Crosswinds

March, 2013 — September, 2013
Feature – Uneven Productions

Digital Editor/Post-Director/Producer – Ring of Music, Bridal Veils, Hearts of Dust, Finding Farmer Jones

January, 2013 — June, 2016
Short Film – Honeypot Films

Digital Editor/Graphic Design/Post-Producer – Weathering Disaster (The Weather Channel)

January, 2011 — September, 2011
Television – Career Sports & Entertainment

Digital Editor/Graphic Design/Post-Producer – Defining Moments, TV Pilot, Babyzone.com and more

June, 2010 — October, 2011
Television – Supremacy Films and Matjik

Digital Editor – The Studio, Music Video, Corporate Videos and more

March, 2009 — September, 2013
Television – Peachtree & 5th

Digital Editor – Upyri - Show Intro

March, 2009 — August, 2011
Online – RMG Media

Digital Editor/Graphic Design/Post-Producer – The 51st State / Watching

March, 2006 — September, 2012
Feature – Life Inc.

Digital Editor/Writer/Graphic Design/Producer – Amazing Grace Special, GMA Dove Awards Special and more

March, 2006 — January, 2009
Television – GCN

Contract Digital Editor – In Touch Ministries

June, 2003 — October, 2005
Television – In Touch Ministries

Commercial Director – Various Commercials

March, 2002 — October, 2002
Commercial – Ross Media

Digital Editor/Writer/Graphic Design/Producer – Fulton Fairways, Healthline, FGTV News and more

July, 2001 — March, 2002
Television – FGTV

Digital Editor/Director/Prod/Videographer more – Thrashers Promo, Turner Security, HR Introduction and more

August, 1999 — July, 2001
Corporate – Turner Broadcasting

Project Manager – Educational Video Series

July, 1998 — July, 1999
Other – SRA McGraw-Hill

Work with MARK DRUM

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