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v3 is a unique imaging technology that adds enhanced depth, shape and texture to HD video, 35mm film, and web - mobile video, achieving a greater sense of realism and overall more memorable viewing experience.v3 images may be broadcast live and viewed on any standard display (broadcast TV, HD television, 35mm film projection, and computer monitors) without the addition of any special viewing equipment.

The v3 look is derived from our core patented Parallax Scanning technology that resides in HD zoom lenses and 35mm film prime lenses. v3 images are captured with the lens at the point of acquisition in the scene and recorded as any other standard image changing nothing in the production cycle.

The v3 brand is totally unique and brings added value to content produced for all forms of broadcast TV, Feature Films, Internet and Mobile devices (Cell Phones, IPods and PDA’s).

You can view and download v3 examples on the v3 website at

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