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Cinematographer / Director of Photography, based in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
I have over 15 years of experience as a cinematographer, and I have worked on various types of projects such as short and feature length documentaries, corporate videos, commercials, short and feature length narratives projects and industrial. I also have edited a lot of my shoots, earlier in my career, but still some today, although much less (by choice). That has allowed me to really understand the importance of pacing and dynamicity in the shots, as well as the importance of building a sequence of shots for storytelling purposes.

I studied the art and technique of photography at Cégep de Matane, Quebec, in my native Canada. Upon graduation, I studied in Cinema and Video at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, as part of that school’s multidisciplinary Baccalaureate in Arts program. I am fluent in both French and English

I freelance as Director of Photography for a variety of companies and organizations, including Zero Point Zero, VICE, Blink, Starr Media Design, Al-Jezeera, Nike, CNN, Great Big Story, Discovery, just to name a few.

Scenes captured through my lenses can be found in narrative short films & feature films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, promotional and corporate videos

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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Steve approaches his work with integrity, ingenuity and creative flare. He finds the shots I sometimes can't see and he works hard to get the job done beautifully and in a positive, light-hearted manner. His passion and depth of knowledge for cinematography come to bare in his shot sequencing and aesthetic.

Vince Beeton
Director - Filmmaker, Humans Being Media inc.

Steve is an artist, a craftsman and a consummate professional. Smart, humble, and deeply aware, he brings focus, creativity, and warmth to any project he is a part of. As a producer, I look for DP's who have a deep understanding of the entire production process. He shoots his work knowing what editors, producers, and directors need to do their jobs well - balancing his own artistic sensibilities with the practicalities of the job. Steve is one of those rare DP's who has empathy, strong organization, and communication skills. He can do it all.

Senior Producer, Kryzstal Creative

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