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Aero Telemetry specializes in high quality large-scale operational airplane miniatures for visual effects used in feature films, television, commercials. Large scale airplane prototypes for trade shows are also available. We provided all of the flyable models for the Academy Award winning film, The Aviator. The Hughes H1 Racer, Hughes XF-11, and Spruce Goose models were designed, built, and flown successfully by the Aero Telemetry Aerial Effects Team in less than 3 months. We also provided the scale models of the Sikorsky S-38 Flying Boat, the Hell's Angels Camera Plane, the Fokker DVII, the RAF SE.5A, and a 1916 DeHavilland IV British bomber. All these models were filmed on green screen and used in the animated CG visual effects sequences.

Contact us today about our amazing airplane models, mock-ups, cabins, engines, displays and cockpit sections that are available for day rental rates and longer extended projects on location. Please inquire at our email address.

We have been in the industry since 1994.

Airplanes of the Aviator
Added on 5/13/2014
The Hughes XF-11, H1 Racer and Spruce Goose used for the movie The Aviator. Designed and built by Joe Bock and the Aero Telemetry team in less than 3 months. These beautiful scale models were filmed for the flying sequences used in the Academy Award winning film.

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