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Zoe Creative Services, a full service High Definition video creative facility, located in the historic Cummins Station in downtown Nashville. Since 2002, Zoe has provided a full compliment of Production and Post services in all formats and frame rates of High Definition video, as well as Standard Definition NTSC and PAL..

With the advent of the digital age, the video production world has evolved at a rate and intensity never experienced before. Zoe Creative Services has dedicated itself to staying on the forefront of these emerging technologies. Zoe Creative was developed to possess the most knowledgeable, creative, and streamlined workflow possible in a production facility. Zoe realizes that clients have options, and we are determined to offer the absolute best quality and customer experience available, at competitive rates.

"Full Service" The term seems to have gotten lost in the video and broadcast services industry. Zoe Creative functions as a full service HD production and post production facility, with the ability take any project from its concept to completion all under one roof. Zoe is capable of any size project from a single crew and camera on location, to multi-camera live recordings. Zoe Creative services is the right choice to acquire your video or film project on nearly any format available. Zoe allows you to shoot in HD, edit in HD, and deliver masters in HD and standard definition. Even if you don't need an HD master today, you can repurpose your project later by having an HD master already completed.

At the heart of Zoe Creative's post production is a huge 56 Terabyte, Fiber Channel Shared Area Network with both Mac and PC systems working side by side sharing the same data. This gives Zoe's multiple edit suites the ability to work collaboratively on the same projects simultaneously throughout Offline, On-line, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Color Finishing and Final Output. Zoe's post production team achieves some of the most stunning and highest quality visual experiences in the industry.

Zoe Specializes in helping to create cohesive marketing identities in Broadcast animation packages for custom content. From graphics packages & custom 3D animation to FX compositing and roto-scoping, Zoe Is capable of taking your concept to the next level, or developing graphics and animation from scratch. Our artists are able to infuse each project with highest quality production values and effects.

Zoe Creative is a company founded on principle, and bold initiative, which translates into every aspect of the products we offer.

We have been in the industry since 1996.

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