About Me

I'm a freelance video production and AV factotum. In video production, I work as a camera operator, media manager, DIT, tech manager, and video assist. I also have prior experience as an editor and have worked my way up from production assistant to utility to grip to AC, so I pretty much know all the ropes. I have worked for several reality shows, television programs, sports, corporate productions, a couple of features and many industrials.

As an AV tech, I work with sound systems, computers, lighting, projectors and screens, and cameras and video, including Mac-based presentation systems. I often manage show production and am responsible for the transportation, unloading, setting up, operation, strike, and return of shows.

I have many computer skills including Presentation Pro, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, Powerpoint and all those other Microsoft programs, and any data transfer software you can think of. I'm the most organized person you will find to manage your media and develop your workflow. I can drive a 26' truck (to Portland, Oregon and back if need be), make a good pot of coffee, type 60 words per minute, am super organized, have experience on many different cameras, and I'm a multi-talented, hard working, team-playing, good-attitude-wielding all-around swell gal that would love to work with you.

I have been in the industry since 2003.

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