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Hair color specialist Patti Song is never happier than when she’s turning chemistry into art. In doing so she answers to many masters: What does the client, character or project require? What is this particular head of hair itself capable of doing or becoming? What conditions have to be corrected before we can proceed? What formulation(s) can make this real in the best possible way? And how, with color, to create “visual health” to hair that may be anything but?
A reputation
Hair colorists aren’t generally in the media spotlight. But when Susan Sarandon stepped up to receive her Best Actress Oscar for ‘Dead Man Walking’, her exuberant coppery/bronze crop matching perfectly with her luminous coppery- bronze Dolce & Gabbana gown, the entire world was witness to what Patti Song could do.
Patti has long been recognized for her charismatic warmth, vast knowledge and nuanced application of the wide array chemicals at her fingertips. For her, guesswork is not an option; she knows. She credits her immersive comprehension to three things; rigorous education, hands-on experience and teaching others.
An education
Growing up in Los Angeles, Patti was an excellent student, albeit a hair-obsessed one. As a little girl she had put dolls’ hair through some rigorous paces – a skinhead chop on Barbie, dreadlocks on her sister’s Chrissy. Though her parents had their hearts set on academic education, by the time she was 15 years old, Patti Song had set her cap on hairdressing.
Her persistence and insistence won out in the end and she enrolled in the Vidal Sassoon Academy (aka ‘The Harvard of Hair’) in Los Angeles in 1984, winning every school contest that came her way and graduating as Student Premiere. There, she fell in love with color and what it could do. Two years working at the Vidal Sassoon salon in Beverly Hills lead to eight as a full time instructor at Sassoon Academies in Santa Monica, London and Toronto.
A living
As her reputation grew, particularly in her extraordinary corrective color abilities, she dove into the world of freelance. In 1995, Patti signed on as Cloutier’s first Hair Colorist, collaborating with hairstylists working on everything from print and commercial hair campaigns to prepping celebrities for film roles and personal appearances. Hair companies worldwide book Patti to maximize color and shine for their shoots. Today, being a session hair colorist exclusively on location means that Patti herself is a one-woman portable coloring and chemical (relaxers, texturizers and perms) studio. Working solo, she delivers her miracles in locations all over the world.
Patti’s passion for color and chemical work has never wavered. Whether creating a look that appears subtle and natural or whipping up something totally off the charts for a fantasy character, for Patti Song, every project presents an engaging challenge and every day is an adventure.
Patti is represented globally by CloutierRemix.

We have been in the industry since 1985.

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