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Standing Wave Music – “It’s not the toys, it’s the ears”
Intimate Scottsdale recording studio for discerning artists. Twenty years experience producing, engineering and mixing great projects. In terms of post production for film, recently Greg has produced his own documentary, and completed final audio mix on the documentary Logging Town. For the film Killing Margery Keller, Greg served as the Audio Designer, recording foley effects and ambient backgrounds, recording artist ADR sessions, and mixing audio for the entire film. Standing Wave Music is capable of field recording, foley effects, ADR, audio restoration, and audio mixing to industry standards.

We have been in the industry since 1996.

Studio Rats - A Documentary
Added on 1/11/2018

This documentary chronicles a 15-year musical collaboration with my buddy, Jack Riedel. As we all know from watching rock documentaries, it is difficult to find collaborators who fit both personally…

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