DreamWelder Productions LLC

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1250 Hanley Industrial Court
Brentwood, Missouri 63144


About Us

ENG and EFP Crew available. Most viewed productionHUB company in MO (over 11,000)

Crews and equipment packages created to fit your needs.

Full productions also served. Just call with your goals, and we'll make them happen. We do not stop until you are happy.

All major network and current shows served. All major cameras available. Over 20 award winning years in industry.

Also specialize in Live Webcasting, video streaming, and video on demand. Both HD and SD formats supported.

Low cost soundstage (26'x50') available for daily rental. High speed internet included allows for top quality webcasting from site.

Creator and lead instructor of INFOTECH online film instruction

We have been in the industry since 1999.


Bravo Jupiter Entertainment Avatar Studios Moms Into Fitness Pirate Pictures NightLine Discovery Channel Arts In Motion Laffy Computer Snippies SmithLee Productions Midwest Production Group Intermark Productions Kaizen Mutimedia Barnes Hospital


CANON 5D Mk II "Cinema Package" with "L" series lenses RED EPIC Full Package - Canon or PL lenses Panasonic AF-100, 370, Varicam, HVX2000, HVX200 Sony EX3 Tricaster 450 Jimmy Jib 24' Full Field Audio with Lectro Wireless Lavs Cantar X2 Mixer / Recorder Numerous Light Kits Teleprompter Doorway Dolly - Slider


Telly award Cable Ace Awards Various Film Festival Awards ProductionHub Pro100


Few production companies I've worked with sweat the details like Dreamwelder. Dreamwelder somehow copes with all the things that can go wrong on a shoot, from lights, sound, talent and location while banishing the drama. They make it look easy, though I know it is not.

Tim McNabb

Very good on preproduction so any issues in the field are minimal. Packs a large trailer full of toys! Loves to travel.

Tim Wagner