DreamWelder Productions LLC

1250 Hanley Industrial Court
Brentwood, Missouri 63144


About Us

We are a local production company of over 30 years. Highest production hub views in MO. We are NOT brokers. No 800 or 888 phone numbers here. You will not pay extra due to a broker's cut.

ENG and EFP Crews available. Location Sound mixers, DPs, Teleprompter Operators, and more.
Multiple resolutions, multiple cameras, almost NO prosumer gear. We don't cut corners on your job.
Full crews large and small!
Packages created to fit your needs.

Full productions also served. Just call with your goals, and we'll make them happen. We do not stop until you are happy. All major network and current shows served. All major cameras available. Over 20 award winning years in the industry.
Low cost soundstage (26'x50') available for daily rental. High speed internet included allows for top quality webcasting from site.

We have been in the industry since 1999.


Jay Kelley's years of experience in the industry makes hiring DreamWelder an easy decision. Their professionalism and expertise won't disappoint. I highly recommend them!

Marquee Media

Few production companies I've worked with sweat the details like Dreamwelder. Dreamwelder somehow copes with all the things that can go wrong on a shoot, from lights, sound, talent and location while banishing the drama. They make it look easy, though I know it is not.

Tim McNabb

Very good on preproduction so any issues in the field are minimal. Packs a large trailer full of toys! Loves to travel.

Tim Wagner

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