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Sacramento, California

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Experienced Production Assistant with several years of work in film, television, news broadcasting, and technical theatre and performance. Will travel out-of-town for work. Possess a CA drivers license and have a car to get to and from set each day. Drive fifteen passenger vans to transport cast and crew to and from set. Additional craft services for film shoots with production crew of 30+. SAG eligible.

Production Experience:

Franklin Pictures, Sacramento, CA
Key Production Assistant
- Worked hand-in-hand with Production on set to handle smooth transitions for each set up and stayed on task with the call sheet for CA state-wide commercials
- Managed several Production Assistants on set and assigned them to respective lock-ups and posts throughout the day

Right Arm Productions, New York, NY
Set Production Assistant
- Assisted crew for photo shoot for Hosteling International's website for its location in Midtown Sacramento
- Handled parking and checked in photo extras, arranged 1st meal and craft services, and other tasks as needed

Worldwide Pants, INC., New York, NY
Locations Production Assistant
- Moderated for production crew and the public before, during and after “We Made This Movie”
- Displayed locations signs for basecamp, sets, holding areas, catering venues and parking lots

Lucky Cricket Productions, Stamford, CT
Set Production Assistant
- Responsible for AD Kit and Walkie Inventory of 2nd Unit on 25/8 directed by Wes Craven
- Dictated notes for Production Report and remained in contact with 1st Unit throughout shoot

The Learning Channel, Los Angeles, CA
Set Production Assistant
· Assisted in producing interviews of homeowners for cable series “Flip That House”
· Conducted walk throughs of homes to post still photographs on the network’s website

Six Wives, LLC, Stamford, CT
Set Production Assistant
· Managed First Team and constantly communicated with Assistant Directors and respective crew
· Oversaw Basecamp to ensure safety and union regulations at all times

Plum Pictures, New York, NY
Set Production Assistant
· Collaborated with First Team and Production Department to facilitate the order of the call sheet
· Transported cast and crew in a fifteen passenger van to and from set each day

Nick At Nite, New York City, NY
July 2005 – August 2005
Set Production Assistant
- Assisted Production and Art Department in transporting production equipment, props, and costumes

News Channel 8, New Haven, CT
September 2004 – December 2004
- Produced Election Night 2004 live spot from campaign event in Norwalk, CT
- Assisted assignment desk; shadowed reporters and photogs, filed and logged press releases; searched archives; answered phone calls

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