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Christopher Mark Bessette is a multi-award winning motion picture writer/director/producer. In 2012 Bessette was honored with the province of Ontario Canada, Premier's Award nomination for outstanding achievement in the field of Creative Arts & Design.
 Bessette has led an international career; while producing a program for Family Channel, Bessette worked with producers in 13 nations. He is the recipient of two best director awards, the first for his feature film “The Enemy God” at the 2008 ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood. The most recent feature film written and directed by Bessette was shot in Bangkok, Thailand. “Trade of Innocents” deals with the issue of human trafficking, specifically as it pertains to the sale of children. The movie stars Dermot Mulroney, Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino, John Billingsley and Trieu Tran. Among its recognition, it was awarded Best Drama and Best Director at the 32nd Annual Festival of Film Breckenridge and the 2012 ICVM Gold Crown Award for Best Picture, as well as Best Feature at the Toronto Cornerstone International Film Festival in 2012. For their roles in the film, Mulroney and Sorvino received Best Actor/Actress nominations at the 2013 Milan International Film Festival in Italy. www.tradeofinnocents.com 
 Bessette’s first novel, a fantasy adventure tale called “The Mythamöhre” is published and now available for eBooks through Smashwords. A hard copy can be obtained through bookstores or Amazon.

I have been in the industry since 2000.

The Enemy God (feature film)
Added on 1/6/2009
Deep in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain, that of 'child-eater.' Traveling in the spirit to an enemy’s village to loose your demons results in many deaths, and the reverence of your people. Shake has possession of many spirits, but the Spirit most feared by all Yanomamö, is one they call Yai Wanonabälewä – The Enemy God. © 2008 10X Productions Based on a true story.

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