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Las Vegas, Nevada


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Professional Film, TV and Print Makeup Artist. All aspects of Makeup from Beauty to F/X and can make any type of Prosthetics. Easy to work with and professional in ork and attitude. Love being the first in and last to leave.

Jonathan is the son of award winning animator Ray Seti, The brother of Film Editor Craig Seti and the nephew of legendary Award winning songwriter Ritchie Cordell. The entertainment industry has been in his veins since he was born. Well rounded on almost anything involving, Film Shoots, TV, Editing, Music Recording, Set Designing and Production managing for both film and tour

I have been in the industry since 2005.


Added on 5/16/2012

LL Cool J - MTV Behind the scenes for "Artist of the week"

This is a behind the scenes view of the making of several videos of LL Cool J for MTV's 52 Bands/52Weeks Artsit of the week feature


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