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- Home movies Film and Video transferred to DVD.
- Professional Film Telecine for Super8 and 8mm Films. Complete equipment includes VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, HI8, Digital8, miniDV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, BetacamSP, UMATIC 3/4" SP.

$10 each for VHS up to 2-hour of videotape. This is a straight transfer without editing. Other videotapes at $20 each.
- DVD includes color direct printed DVD and Clear Slim DVD Case.

Here is our process:

1. Broadcast quality direct imaging 3CCD "cool light led" transfers, for the best possible resolution and color. Direct Imaging is a superior replacement for the previously best Aerial Imaging.

2. Exclusive technology enables the film to be transferred at very close to the same speed as it was filmed, with no trace of flicker, fixed grain pattern, hot center and dark corners, or other image artifacts. Silent 8mm and super8 film is transferred at exactly the correct FPS (frames per second) accurate crystal controlled rates.

3. We splice repair, hand clean and lubricate the film prior to transfer at .10 per foot.

4. A digital footage counter on every machine for accurate no-guesswork charges.

5. Frame by frame scanning in real time for most formats eliminates slow and expensive computer-dependent transfer by hobbyist-grade equipment, that others “spin” into a feature instead of a deficiency.

6. Digital Component directly to DVD, HD, Digital Tape. Simply, the DVD (approx.1600 feet=2hours) is $5, HardDrive AVI file is $1 per GB + $1 per File, or recorded directly to Digital Tape (60min-2hour) is $25 includes new tape stock.

Most choose the DVD for price, quality, and all the other known benefits of our premium DVDs, same product for all our corporate clients.

We have been in the industry since 2005.

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