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Through the last 15 years, I have shot live music and music videos, corporate training and corporate events, realityTV and documentaries, commercials and short features, Fishing and Football, NASCAR and Drag Racing. Recently, I worked with Pinks All Out as camera operator on a freelance basis and I am looking forward to getting back to work on another exciting face paced show.

I enjoy what I do and love to travel. I have a valid passport and extensive experience shooting in the studio and on the road with great results! The link to my reel is up and running. Even if you have filled your current position please keep me in mind for future productions. I can work as local in NYC and LA for multi-week productions.

Camera Op (HD) - Pinks All Out - SPEED - 01/06thru04/09
Camera Op (HD) - Dallas DNA - Discovery ID - 09/08
Camera Op (HD) - Modern Marvels - HISTORY - 01/04thru12/08
Camera Op (DV) - Platinum Wedding - WE - 07/07thru01/09
Camera Op (HD) - Deadline/Red Bull XFighters - HDNet - 05/08
Camera Op (DV) - Shooting Gallery - AMC - 04/08
Camera Op (HD) - ShockWave Ep. 171 - HISTORY - 11/07
Camera Op (DV) - High School Reunion - TVLAND - 10/07
Camera Op (DV) - Intervention - A&E - 08/07
DP/Camera Op (HD) - Jetix Kids Cup - DISNEY - 07/06
Camera Op (BETA) - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - CMT - 01/06thru12/07
Camera Op (HD) - Higher Def w/ R. Wilonsky - HDNet - 08/04thru12/07
Camera Op (HD) - True Music w/ Katie Daryl - HDNet - 01/04thru12/07
DP/Camera Op (Beta) - Health Source - WFAA local series - 01/01thru06/03
DP/Camera Op (Beta) - Outdoor Trails - FOXSPORTS - 06/97thru12/03
DP/Camera Op (Beta) - Champions of Industry - FOXNews - 06/97thru10/04

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