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Pam Jack is a production veteran with over 25 years of nationwide experience as a freelance producer, location scout and manager on a wide variety of large and small budget feature films, television series, commercials and fashion print jobs. Pam is a Maine native with intimate knowledge of the state. In addition to having worked extensively throughout Maine and New England, Pam's projects have taken her to numerous other parts of the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, North & South Carolina, New York, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Oregon, Utah and California. Pam worked in Los Angeles for five years, where she still maintains a residence. While in LA, she worked at Sony Studios for three seasons on the CBS television series The Guardian, and is a member of LA Teamsters Local 399. Pam is currently the Senior Managing Producer at L.L.Bean where she manages and produces photo shoots around the world. Contact Pam at for a complete list of industry credits and to discuss your next project.

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