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Hollywood, California

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E. Gunnar Mortensen SoFT has come up the through the trenches of the camera department. Starting with Car Commercials in Colorado, he hit a glass ceiling and couldn't advance in Denver; since the 1st AC normally flew in from LA. Determined to be a Focus Puller, he came out to LA and starting cutting his teeth as a 1st AC. Working on a lot of the larger Music Videos and Non-Union Features until he could collect his days for Local 600. It has been a wild road, filming in deserts to blizzards and out of helicopters to being buried alive in a graveyard. E. Gunnar Mortensen S.o.F.T. Considers himself a career Focus Puller and has done many things to build the community regarding that craft. Including teaching workshops and creating the Annual Camera Assistant Field Day. His career has taken him around the world and back again. When he is not working he is helping out the community with the Masons and Shriners or playing his Ukulele

I have been in the industry since 2002.

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