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Jacksonville, Florida

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Professional Camera Operator specializing in HAND HELD Cameras and TRI-POD HARD CAMERAS. Able to use jib cameras but I do not own a jib. I have been a camera operator since 2003 consistently filming concerts, sporting events, television shows (Paula Dean's cooking show & UFC) and Live speaking services from Comedy specials (Katt Williams pimping chronicles) to Church Services.

I am trained to use both Standard and High Definition Cameras. Please contact by cell phone or email, willing to travel anywhere in southeastern United States for Freelance/Full time/Part Time work and or projects.

I have been in the industry since 2003.

Kelanie Gloeckler - Desert Song @ New Life Christian Fellowship.
Added on 7/19/2011
5 Camera crew, 3 hard cams, 1 jib, 1 hand held. I'm operating the hand held on stage. This is a demo of my camera performance. As I'm working the goal is to film musicians while being invisible to other cameras. My director Carey Goin does not tell me what to shoot, he only takes my available shots that I think of. Please Enjoy.

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