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Nashville, Tennessee


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I have written, coordinated, supervised, managed and produced over 3000 episodes for TNN, the Food Network, PBS, Home & Garden TV, DIY Network, Fine Living and Spike Network. My specialty is how-to, factual/reality and educational/training - studio and location/field producing. I am available for any/all aspects of TV/video production from pre-prod (research, formatting, booking, supplier acquisition, location scouts, writing/scripting) to producing (studio & field directing/producing)to post editing/writing. I am profiencient in all aspects of TV/video production from pre to post, 1 to 5 camera shoots, studio and location productions, studio & field directing, show pitches, story editing, non-linear editing (Avid and Final Cut), booking and talent searches, product placement and promotions.


Added on 9/22/2010

Spinning Plates: It Gets Hot in the Kitchen

TV series pitch video for reality series on caterering company that works for movies, tv and event productions and also owns an iconic restaurant in Nashville, The Loveless Cafe.


Home & Garden TV (HGTV) Food Network TNN (The Nashville Network) PBS DIY Network Fine Living Network Reid/Land Productions RIVR Media RTM Productions Scripps Productions Black Box Media Group Envision Inc. Jay TV The Hee Haw Show


With Envision Inc (medical/healthcare videos): Health Sciences Communications Assoc., Worldfest International, Time Inc. Freddy Awards, CINE Golden Eagle Award, Telly Awards, Aegis Award of Excellence

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Women in Film & TV - Nashville


The thing I love most about working with Melissa, is she is extremely capable and reliable. If Melissa takes on a task, you can be assured it will get done and it will get done correctly and thoroughly. Melissa is detail oriented, and an asset to any production team.

Beth Knott

When you read Melissa's bio here, you'll likely question whether one person can be proficient in all the areas in which she claims to be. Having known and worked with her for the better part of 20 years, I can honestly she has the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I have never worked with someone who knows how to cover all the bases like Melissa does. She is smart, detail-oriented, creative, and passionate about what she does. I would trust Melissa with any project I have - she