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Clearwater, Florida

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"Nick White is an exceptionally talented producer, director and writer whose creative services I called upon many times to help expedite our numerous multi-media/multi-medium projects. Whether it was one of our many live events, videos, international broadcasts or web based productions, Nick could be counted on to bring in the projects on time and on budget.”
Lynn Colyer – Former Director of Broadcast Productions Prudential Financial

"Nick White is a true professional and a plus to any production he is attached to. As a camera operator working under Nick's direction has been a true pleasure. His vision is clear and precise which makes my job as a camera operator that much more easy.”
Charles Henry – DP/Camera Operator

- On every project, assignment or show, I bring my extensive experience and creative
skills to artistically illustrate your message or products and bring about a strong desire
in your audience or public for your message or products.
- I am a clear communicator. Whether speaking to crew, talent or corporate executive, I communicate to inspire and to bring about a clean and stellar production.
- Inspiring your audience, propelling your public, in short getting them emotionally involved in your message is what I create in every production.
- I excel in directing large live events.
- I work closely with all departments, e.g. Lighting, to ensure all elements of the production are in line to create a motivating production.

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